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The first Shiroi Akuma series is complete!
All 443 strips can be found here or on the official Facebook!
So, what's next???
I'm going to attempt to make the first 2/3 of the comic more readable.
I won't be redrawing it, but I will be adding color and shadows.

I'll replace the old strips with the new ones as I complete them. Refer to the blog for updates!
And with the completion of the series, I've revealed 2 sequels!
I have both stories entirely finished in my head,
but realistically, both are still too far off to know if they'll ever be finished.
Links will be added here when/if I post strips to start Phantom Limb.


Chapter 8 (abridged) is NOT the full chapter. It was originally 2 chapters and while all of the panels used in the chapter ARE meant for Chapter 8, they only cover the very outside edge of what Gunnolf and company experience during their training with Master Haro. As earlier stated in blogs, after I complete the story I plan to recreate the first 2 arcs with full background scenes and color. When I do this, I will create all the missing parts from Chapter 8 and split the chapter into 2 parts.


To start, this comic/manga isn't an art project; I'm not an artist. Most people here can probably sketch better than I can draw.
This is just about telling a story.


Shiroi Akuma (White Devil) takes place in a fantasy world, in a country based on many different eras of Asia.
The story follows Gunnolf, a warrior from a far away land, traveling to the east chasing after the
samurai and oni demon who kidnapped his lover and slaughtered his village.


While most people have never even seen a demon, they are widely believed to be real.
In this land to the east, Gunnolf is often mistaken as such a demon, due to his large size,
light hair and blue eyes. 






In this comic, I use the words "Demon", "Devil" and "Akuma" interchangably and randomly.


When referring to "Samurai", most typically I don't mean a historic version.
In this comic, I typically refer to any warrior/swordsman as a 'samurai'.
It's just what the word means in this fantasy world.

The original script has 855 panels inside of 3 arcs, which are 3 - 4 chapters each.
However, I've changed A LOT of stuff as I (attempt) to draw it, but these numbers
can act as a rough estimate as to how far into the story the comic currently is.




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