Grimm writes:

“5/2/19 - Hiatus ”

I've gone quite a long time without posting any comics so I thought I'd just give an update for anyone who might be enjoying this.

I've been re-watching the last 7 seasons of Game of Thrones, taking care of my grandfather and school has really picked up this semester with finals over the next couple of weeks. It's also starting to warm up and I do odd-jobs around town during the summer. Online games I play have been having a lot of big updates this year as well, and next month Elder Scrolls Online is releasing the Elsweyr expansion.

I really hate to disappear so close to finishing this, and I DO plan on finishing it, most nights when I lay in bed trying to sleep, I think about different scenes I can make for the coming battles; it's all still high on my priority list, just not as high as some other things and might be another couple of months before I manage to get anything drawn up.