Grimm writes:

“3/22/20 - Comic Rework”

Started working on re-making the first part of the comic today. I won't be re-drawing it from scratch, but instead I'll be coloring in and adding shading details to the panels that don't have that and also redesigning the strips from 6 panel to 3 panel strips. I'll be keeping the originals and may upload them elsewhere, but for now I'll be replacing old strips on here with the new ones.

I haven't yet decided if I'll upload what I've finished daily, or by chapter.

While this process is being completed, the strip numbers will be off! If I succeed in changing the old strips from 6 panels to 3 panels, it will virtually DOUBLE the amount of strips in the first portion of the comic. If strip 2 becomes Strip 2 & 3, the total number of strips rises and the numbering I have in their titles will therefore be too low further into the comic. I will fix numbering AFTER I've finished revamping old strips.